Herdís Egilsdóttir

E-commerce Website for Herdis Egilsdottir, teacher and children´s book author

What’s the Project about?

The main idea was to bring the work of Herdis Egilsdottir, teacher & author, to life in a digital format and to expose it to a broader audience.

By creating a website in English, her work will be available to more people. This will not only bring more business to the author, but it will also encourage parents to get more involved with children's literature.

Scope of Work

Thesis Project

360° Cave Exp.


Web Design


The Challenge.


Currently, her work is only available in print format, in selected libraries, and at some stores in Iceland. Doesn't have a base online where people can see her work


In the research for my project, I’ve seen that young children are reading less in today’s world and are more interested in digital devices.

Working on Case Study.

Case study coming soon. (Updated 04052018)