You wont learn everything about me in this text below, but hopefully you´ll get a glimpse of who I am.

Who is Grímur?

Grímur Grímsson was born and raised in the friendly, grayish but beautiful town called Seltjarnarnes in Iceland. Most of his childhood, he spend in his soccer shoes on the grass field, dirt playground or asphalt parking lot playing soccer(football). In Between he formed friendship with school mates which he still keeps til this day. As he got a little older, working with and in front of the video camera got very interesting to him, this interest led him to the path of participating in his high school video club, which took over his life at that time and formed his personality a lot.

He got his first video camera in 2006 and began experimenting with video recording on tapes and editing the shoots together with torrented version of Final Cut, that's where his artistic imagination ball started to roll. After high school, he enrolled in a 2 year multimedia school, where he first got his hands on the Adobe software and began experimenting with graphics and other visuals, and eventually created an acted short film with an 3d animated character as the supporting role.

Living in San Francisco

After finishing his degree in Multimedia, he moved to San Francisco to fulfill his dream, to get an education while playing soccer on a scholarship. He finished his BFA degree in MPT - editing in three years, where learned the basics of filmmaking/video editing. Getting a job in San Francisco in that field after his graduation was an amazing opportunity, he gained valuable experience, which led him to his next step in life, to pursue his Masters in Web Design & New Media.

One of his first class was an intro to programming where he worked with HTML and CSS, moving on into more design skills was something he wanted, and til this day he keeps working hard to improve his skills and fulfill his creative passion.

My interests

In his free time, Grimur enjoys playing sports such as indoor football with his friends, squash, frisbee golf, tennis, travel, listen to music and read motivation blogs/books.  He loves watching football(soccer) and especially Manchester United. He exercises on a regular basis and has ran two half marathon with another coming up this summer. .

He is 42 % fluent in Spanish on Duolingo and aims to finish their course and get 100% fluent within this year(2018). He enjoys filming short videos of his daily life, and taking pictures to share with friends and family.